Treated, Painted, Urethane, Z Metal and Metal
Portable Side Lofted Barns

The Derksen Portable Side Lofted Barn is good storage for those looking for a cost-effective solution. It is available in 8′, 10′ and 12′-widths. Standard features include a single wood door in the 8′-wide, and a double wood door in larger models. Windows are not included.

Derksen Portable Side Lofted Barn Features

  • On Treated and Painted product line, exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum strength and no rust spots or stains.
  • The 2×4 reinforced doors are designed to seal out rain and rodents and are key locked for your protection.
  • Series of air vents positioned to create optimum circulation and temperature control.
  • All exposed material is pressure treated.
  • On the metal product line, all metal used is 29 gauge commercial metal.
  • All buildings come with locks and keys.

Derksen Portable Side Lofted Barn Pricing

If you need a  storage building for those yard tools and equipment, ATV or hobby supplies, the Derksen Portable Side Lofted Barn is the most efficient solution!