Enterprise Center builds Metal Barns

High quality metal barns. Custom designs, options, and colors built on your land or slab. Let us build one for you.

Enterprise Center

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2 thoughts on “Enterprise Center builds Metal Barns

  1. Marjean McIntyreReply

    need a price for this style barn that is 3 12′ sections 36 to 40′ long. Looking for a car port for 3 horse trailers.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hey Marjean. We have one similar on our lot that has 3 bays (12′, 18′, and 12′) but it’s only 26′ long. It runs $11,577. We just priced out a unit yesterday with the 3 bays and is 40′ long and it came out to a little over $18,000. Give us a call and we can go over exactly what you need and get you a more accurate estimate.

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