Enterprise Center Giddings

What Makes Enterprise Center the Best?

Enterprise Center Giddings is the absolute best location to purchase your next portable storage unit, garage, carport or cabin, and here is why:

In just about every town or on most busy highways you will find a display of portable buildings and/or metal carports and garages. It seems there are new makes and models popping up daily.

Enterprise Center is a Long-Established Business with Real People

Portable building lots quickly open – stay in a location a few months – then close down. These lots have certain trade marks. Often they are un-manned and the grounds show a lack of grooming attention. They have a very limited display, and you are directed to call a particular number displayed for information or to purchase. If there is someone attending, it doesn’t take you long to realize they know very little about the product they are selling.

Considerations When Deciding on a Portable Building Purchase

When considering the purchase of a storage facility or a unit to be used as a carport, garage, barn or cabin, there are several things that should be considered in order to make your purchase is a wise one. Let’s begin by listing a few general thought.

  • Looks can be deceiving! There are so many different “finishing products” that have the ability to hide poor craftsmanship. Don’t be fooled!
  • There are always reasons why the price is less! When considering and comparing prices, you must be sure to compare “apples with apples”.
  • There are so many different needs that arise in our personal lives and units have been designed to meet those needs. It is important to know all the options available.
  • Follow-up service and trusted product warranty must be examined.

Enterprise Center is not only very aware of all these considerations, but is totally dedicated to being the best at meeting these concerns.

Reasons why Enterprise Center is your best place to shop for your portable building needs:

  • Enterprise Center is a certified factory direct representative of two of the largest and oldest companies in this industry.
  • Enterprise Center has over 6 acres of displays. Both companies that we represent has furnished us with the largest select allowing our clients the ability to compare all the options available.
  • Enterprise Center is professionally staffed and is open 6 days a week from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Enterprise Center desires understanding all their customer’s needs and understands the capabilities of our products, so that we can recommend the very best solution for the least cost.
  • Enterprise Center has seasoned sub-contractors on site; cement finishers, framers and finishers, electricians, plumbers, etc. We can meet any need of our clients.
  • Enterprise Center has the ability to custom design any product needed so that it can meet your specific need and budget.
  • Enterprise Center has been in business 10 years serving this community.

Enterprise Center is also one of the biggest authorized dealers of Safeguard Metal Buildings, in case your dream is to build a barndominium, a business or just a metal carport for your RV. If you only want to make one stop for all of your portable building dreams and ideas – Stop at Enterprise Center Giddings and ask for Tom Long!

Call Tom Long for all your Portable Building and Carport Needs
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