Enterprise Center Offers Interior Finished Cabins!

Enterprise Center Quality Finished Cabins offers many exciting advantages and features using the Portable Barns, Portable Utilities and Portable Cabin Shells produced by Derksen Portable Buildings.  Derksen Shells extend the greatest advantages for converting to finished-out products. The following are just a few of these advantages and upgrades we can add from Derksen to prepare for a quality build-out:

  • Derksen allows us the ability to custom design each conversion to meet our customer’s needs
  • Raise lofted units to 8’ side walls and lower lofts under top plate for more head room in loft.
  • ¾” Tongue & Groove Advantech™ Sub-Flooring with a Life Time Warranty
  • All Studs on 16” centers
  • Thermal Pane Windows and varied sizes
  • Increase from 3/12 pitch roof to 7/12 pitch
  • The ability to add dormers and transom windows
  • Tyvek Wrap™ exterior of unit
  • Put felt under the metal roof and even upgrade metal roof to 26 gauge
  • Hurricane Protection (Engineered to handle up to 150mph winds)
  • Add Hurricane Straps and Ground Anchors To meet Code and Insurance requirements

These upgrade to Derksen’s standard sheds opens the door to converting these units to:

  • Get-Away Cabin
  • Vacation Lodge
  • Hunting Cabin
  • Tiny Home
  • Mother-In-Law Cabin
  • She Shed or Man Cave
  • Offices
  • Workshop
  • Business Shops (Barber Shop, Beauty Shop, Taco or Ice Cream Shop, etc.)

Enterprise Center recognizes the growing demand for portable cabins and will take your need or your desire and convert that into the most exciting finished product.  Our quality buildout teams are the best and they take great pride in their work.  We also have an exclusive line-up of Portable Finished Cabins.  (Please note: We do not build Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes) We use only the best products/materials and we take personal care in producing each of our units.  All units are built to code as Pear & Beam Homes and have the added advantage of being able to be picked up and relocated.  Following are many of the requirements for Enterprise Center buildouts:

  • All wood products is #1
  • Only Pex Plumbing™ is use
  • Insulation is Open Cell Spray Foam
  • Custom Built Cabinets
  • Mini-Spit A/C, P-Tac or Central A/C is used

Enterprise Center Custom Finished Cabin Line

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