Sunview Greenhouse

The Sunview Greenhouses are available in 6′ x 6′ up to a 12′ x 20′ and come in a variety of colors, including Brown, Red, White, Light Stone, Green, Bronze, Grey, and Tan. The SunKey Polycarbonate is available in opaque or clear.

Sunview Greenhouse Features

  • Crafted by Mennonites and built with only quality materials
  • They are available in various sizes, from 6’ x 6’ to 12’ x 20’ as portable sizes, or can be built on your property to any size (Example below)
  • Made with lifetime pressure treated #1 lumber
  • 29 gauge metal (which can be painted in any one of our 18 colors, or you can go with the galvalume)
  • The polycarbonate that is used for the sides and roof are 85% UV resistant for the opaque and 90% UV resistant for the clear
  • Windows, storm doors, and benches are standard in each greenhouse
  • You may choose all or part of the roof and/or sides as metal, clear, opaque, or a combination of any of them
  • We can customize anything from the size, to the color, to the interior, as well as wrap it in a “netting” to keep snakes and rodents out!

Sunview Greenhouse Pricing